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Bendix 0526E FIVE tube radio.  This radio includes a plug in style octal ballast tube.  The series filament string adds up to 71 volts.  The ballast takes up the difference of 120 - 71 = 49 volts.

Well, Kevin T send me an email pointing out this is a simple AA5 tube line up.  I appreciate that!  See the schematic here: http://www.nostalgiaair.org/PagesByModel/342/M0002342.pdf  Any semi familiar radio fan will immediately recognize this error.  Now all I have to do is figure out what radio this ballast  tube belongs to. Thanks Kevin!   Paul..

Initial test found two bad tubes. The 35Z5 has an open filament.  The 12SQ7 is dead (no amplification or diode rectification).  Once I replaced those tubes the chassis did receive stations while on the DBT.  If you are wondering how I can test an un-restored chassis please see my latest presentation on this page.


IMG_6114.JPG (201798 bytes)

The owner wants it to look new.  

IMG_6115.JPG (157900 bytes)

A refinish is in this cabinet's future. 

IMG_6116.JPG (172346 bytes)

This does not look like a Walnut finish.

IMG_6117.JPG (137470 bytes)

Duct tape.  I will see about a new rear cover. 

IMG_6118.JPG (179329 bytes)

I would bet this radio was made on March 19, 1946.

IMG_6119.JPG (170763 bytes)

The service documentation indicates pre 1951.  

IMG_6121.JPG (218594 bytes)

Speaker grill dusted off easily. 

IMG_6122.JPG (184235 bytes) IMG_6123.JPG (221386 bytes)

All original, untouched. 

IMG_6124.JPG (214468 bytes)

The wires to the lamp and audio transformer are cracked and missing insulation. 

IMG_6125.JPG (151830 bytes) IMG_6126.JPG (143841 bytes)

See the dial lamp?

IMG_6127.JPG (132730 bytes)

One must always have a glowing tube photo.

wpe1.jpg (174976 bytes)

This cabinet is listed as Walnut.

IMG_6181.JPG (199199 bytes)

Dim Bulb test the chassis.  Passed. 

IMG_6183.JPG (181856 bytes)

Some bad insulation...

IMG_6184.JPG (153056 bytes)

...But not a whole lot.  Just a few wires taken in stride.  

IMG_6189.JPG (169921 bytes)

Dirty.  Cleaned with Odorless Mineral spirits. 

IMG_6193.JPG (163497 bytes)

Dirty too.

IMG_6196.JPG (157199 bytes)

Cleaned. Trimmer cap mica is contaminated beyond cleaning. 

IMG_6198.JPG (116818 bytes)

Trimmer cap mica 

IMG_6200.JPG (115938 bytes)

Fabricate new mica insulators. 

IMG_6201.JPG (179437 bytes)


IMG_6195.JPG (167840 bytes)

Spray dial scale reflector. 



IMG_6248.JPG (207099 bytes) IMG_6249.JPG (205180 bytes) IMG_6251.JPG (147546 bytes)

Repainted dial scale reflector.

IMG_6252.JPG (198270 bytes)

Get the dirt out of the knob grooves. 

IMG_6253.JPG (180814 bytes)  
IMG_6254.JPG (170666 bytes)

This back came in taped together with Duct tape.

IMG_6255.JPG (148111 bytes)

If gluing and pressing fails then I will cut a new rear cover.

It failed...Ugly....


IMG_6262.JPG (147771 bytes)

A new fabricated back.  1/8" plywood is perfect for this job.


IMG_6261.JPG (146526 bytes)

Tom "Finishing Touch" used appropriate stains on for the different wood tones.  He is an artist!


IMG_6256.JPG (137085 bytes)

This cabinet turned out better than I expected!

IMG_6257.JPG (142432 bytes)

Beautiful speaker grill Walnut wood.

IMG_6258.JPG (145953 bytes)

A different wood used for the sides and top. 

IMG_6259.JPG (121503 bytes) IMG_6260.JPG (97775 bytes)
More pictures to come once I resolve the rear cover issue.           

* I have a friend Tom that is doing most of my refinishing since late 2009. Wood finishing has been his profession and he is much faster than me. It takes Tom a fraction of the time to accomplish (strip, stain, color blend, repair, finish, etc) what takes me a week to do. 

 Tom is an artist!  Click on this paragraph and go to his new web site.  


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