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Sultan 3D type 2320

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Just arrived today in decent condition.  Reported to receive FM, no AM and no electrostatic speaker action. This unit will be fully tested and an estimate of restoration generated.  The ECH81 has a weak triode section.  It has been replaced. 


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Fresh out of the shipping carton.  

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Existing plastic damage.

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Typical rough finish.

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Crispy Critter (the little one).  This resistor supplies B+ to the converter stage.  Perhaps the weak ECH81 took this resistor out. 

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Cut FM dipole antenna.

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To be glued. 

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Top IF slugs were way out of alignment.  Some one played around?  Perhaps some one tried to compensate for that weak ECH triode section or that crispy critter resistor.

IMG_6060.JPG (1969239 bytes) IMG_6062.JPG (1700878 bytes)

Selenium bridge replaced with four 1N4007 diodes.


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60 year old (brown) foam rubber turned into dust.

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One of two rebuilt electrostatic tweeter installed. 

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A new Green Eye tube looks great. 

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IMG_6074.JPG (2257894 bytes)

Repaired FM antenna lead wires with banana jacks. 



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