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Brigitte's Grundig


4045 W/3D


This is a 3045  W/3D that was carried from Germany to the US.  It has been in the same family since its purchase and means a lot to the Niece (Brigitte's daughter) of the first owner.  This radio is on its way to its new home to be placed in a position of honor in memory of their family in the US and abroad.  

Brigitte told me stories of how all the neighbors in Germany would come over to their home and listen to this radio.  When the family purchased this radio It was the best sounding radio in the neighborhood.  They would listen to opera, the symphony, music and other programs.  They would hear broadcasts from all over Europe.  

I was happy to restore this radio.

IMG_5540.JPG (195206 bytes)
This is the refinished radio. 
IMG_5541.JPG (181354 bytes)
New side speaker grill cloth.
IMG_5542.JPG (153422 bytes)
Beautiful lacquer by Tom. 
IMG_5545.JPG (190121 bytes)
IMG_5543.JPG (194415 bytes)
IMG_5528.JPG (146880 bytes)
IMG_5527.JPG (269975 bytes)Stain in grill cloth removed with a Q-tip in Clorox Clean Up.  Dabbed on carefully. 
IMG_5525.JPG (187041 bytes)
Original brass. 
IMG_5529.JPG (106210 bytes)
One bezel polished and one original.  

I am sorry that I do not have any original photos.  This radio had white paint spilled down one side.  Most all of the lacquer finish was gone exposing the bare wood.  All the brass was tarnished.  No side speaker grill cloth.  And the chassis electronics was as expected.  Needing new diodes, tuning indicator, one tube, switch cleaning, a couple of resistors and a full alignment.  There are paper cone tweeters in this model.  

The FM alignment was a bit finicky.  But simply repeating and adhering strictly to the alignment instructions it adjusted in.  I had to guess at some of the alignments since the documents are in German.     But the alignment table is rather cross cultural.  

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