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This is a Grundig 3089PH with a Perpentuum-Ebner 4320 turn table with mono crystal cartridge.  This unit is receiving a total overhaul restoration.  

The finish was pealing, dried and flaking.  The turn table needs significant restoration and conversion from 50 Hz to 60 Hz line frequency.  And of course the chassis needed the standard restorative efforts.  The owner has a new dial glass awaiting the return of this radio.  It seems like this chassis configuration with the dial glass pressing on the wood frame is subject to breakage. 

Most of these pictures are a record of how the unit is to be reassembled.  It is great having a digital camera.  You can take many pictures at $0.00 cost and save a bundle in mistakes!

IMG_4008.JPG (227451 bytes)


IMG_4096.JPG (933993 bytes)


IMG_4006.JPG (182711 bytes)Before IMG_4095.JPG (802672 bytes)


IMG_4005.JPG (189473 bytes)


IMG_4094.JPG (1094068 bytes)


IMG_4097.JPG (909991 bytes) IMG_3997.JPG (194263 bytes)

Tweeters have been rebuilt. 

IMG_3998.JPG (195397 bytes) IMG_3999.JPG (176286 bytes) IMG_4001.JPG (161793 bytes) IMG_4003.JPG (177210 bytes)
IMG_3994.JPG (162192 bytes) IMG_4004.JPG (186032 bytes) IMG_4007.JPG (173955 bytes)      
IMG_4082.JPG (843298 bytes)

Handle has been stripped with paint stripper and buffed.  Then the brown paint was replaced.  

IMG_4083.JPG (1111050 bytes)

Glue down frayed cords.

IMG_4086.JPG (1228398 bytes)

Lacquer down the label.

IMG_4091.JPG (879611 bytes) IMG_4092.JPG (851077 bytes) IMG_4080.JPG (812607 bytes)

Brasso and a buffing wheel used on badges, handles, knob brights and the lid piano hinge. 



IMG_4030.JPG (1270099 bytes) IMG_4032.JPG (3223924 bytes)

I like these skinny 47uf 450 volt electrolytic from Mouser.

IMG_4028.JPG (2717770 bytes)

Broken wire on AM coil. This explained the dead band. 

IMG_4029.JPG (3022191 bytes)

Repaired. The AM now works. 



IMG_4034.JPG (3462871 bytes)

A new crystal replacement cartridge (not shown) has been installed. 

IMG_4040.JPG (1083703 bytes) IMG_4041.JPG (972458 bytes)This idler wheel's bushing is too large for the spindle.  It must be a replacement.  I am looking for a proper replacement.  IMG_4042.JPG (806923 bytes) IMG_4043.JPG (2868474 bytes) IMG_4045.JPG (2726222 bytes)
IMG_4060.JPG (1205352 bytes) IMG_4061.JPG (1133264 bytes) IMG_4062.JPG (882808 bytes) IMG_4065.JPG (884898 bytes) IMG_4066.JPG (596452 bytes) IMG_4067.JPG (847625 bytes)
IMG_4068.JPG (644729 bytes) IMG_4069.JPG (851317 bytes) IMG_4071.JPG (686550 bytes) IMG_4073.JPG (725627 bytes)Measured for a replacement belt.   IMG_4074.JPG (734684 bytes)

There was no belt. 

IMG_4037.JPG (912001 bytes)

String to measure for a new belt. 


IMG_4038.JPG (842390 bytes) diy turntable strobe

Free printable strobe disks.

PE 30



This restoration is all but done.  I am seeking out a new idler wheel for the phono and a platter mat is on order.  


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