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Grundig Majestic Model 4019U 

This is a nice Grundig.  It has stereo class A EL95 (6DL5) amplifiers.  This radio however, does not have a stereo FM receiver.  

I have just begun to restore this unit.  All the tubes tested good except two.  V3 EF89 (6DA6) 2nd FM/AM IF amp questionable and V7 EL95 (6DL5) AF output weak. The second EL95 is barely in the green.  

The middle tone controls seem to be non functional.  But I will trace the circuits and double check.  The German designers some times will switch out or bypass some tone controls with some push button options. Or perhaps that substituted tube rendered the middle tone controls ineffective.  I will see. 

So far I replaced the selenium rectifier bridge with 1N4007 silicon diodes.  The electrolytic caps have also been replaced.  One 50uf was reading down around 34uf.  So the triple can cap is defiantly on its way out.  I will be adding more pictures later as the restoration progresses.  Keep in touch.


IMG_4340.JPG (418286 bytes)

Original finish. 

IMG_4341.JPG (373291 bytes)
IMG_4339.JPG (427659 bytes)
IMG_4342.JPG (340430 bytes)
IMG_4344.JPG (279262 bytes)
Solder?  Perhaps from a previous repair.  They are just drips. 
IMG_4345.JPG (231016 bytes)
More solder?
IMG_4346.JPG (326692 bytes)
Some work has been done.  I will green line the whole schematic insuring all is properly wired. 
IMG_4347.JPG (404890 bytes)
A Selenium bridge rectifier. 
IMG_4348.JPG (308593 bytes)
All the little selenium squares popped out when opened. 
IMG_4350.JPG (365311 bytes)
Restuffed with new 1N4007 diodes. 
IMG_4352.JPG (386212 bytes)
Looks nice. 
IMG_4353.JPG (354578 bytes)
In place.  The old cap is abandoned in place.
IMG_4354.JPG (334283 bytes)Three new capacitors. Two 47uf and one 10uf all at 450 volts. And accommodations for a series resistor if needed.  
IMG_4357.JPG (141558 bytes)
Replace all the deteriorated bumpers. 
IMG_4356.JPG (731749 bytes)
Restored underside of chassis.  Now to the alignment*.
IMG_4358.JPG (170571 bytes)
The first IF transformer in the FM tuner came loose and snapped the two primary wires.  A little TLC and 30 minute epoxy to the rescue. 
IMG_4361.JPG (1096401 bytes)

The speaker surround and voice coil dust cover are made of foam.  

That foam turned to plastic sand.

 IMG_4362.JPG (1045565 bytes)

A nickel was the perfect template. 

IMG_4363.JPG (910691 bytes)

Tea bag paper used for a dust cover. 

IMG_4364.JPG (1003564 bytes) IMG_4365.JPG (1188791 bytes)

Window gasket material used a  self sticking speaker gasket. 

IMG_4366.JPG (1244376 bytes)

The fellows at the Mom and Pop hardware store started to ask me about my leaky windows or door.  

The foam easily turns  the radii of the speaker.  

IMG_4367.JPG (1108712 bytes)

I got the usual perplexed look from the young guy while the older fellow smiled and told me about his mom's old Zenith console. 

IMG_4369.JPG (1396061 bytes)

All assembled. 


IMG_4370.JPG (423182 bytes)

The night shot.



* There are quite a few errors in the Sam's photofacts.  Use the non export model schematic from Radiomuseum.org for proper values and FM discriminator alignment.   

bulletC58 and C59 values swapped on the Sam's.
bulletT4 secondary wire colors swapped.  Green is ground and puts speaker SP3 electrically out of phase with SP1.  The input to V8 is 180 degrees out of phase with V7.
bulletPage 7, A4 and A14 swapped.
bulletPage 7, V1 is not ECC83 (12ax7) but is an ECC85 (6AQ8).  
bulletPage 6 step 6, There is no A15 FM IF adjustment.  
bulletPage 6 step 7, A17 will not to to Zero.  Refer to 4019 domestic unit procedure www.Radiomuseum.org to confirm that A17 is to be adjusted to Minimum voltage. 
bulletVarious capacitors are miss labeled and not identified on page 2.


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