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Philco 41-290 (121) chassis restoration.  

IMG_6743.JPG (884274 bytes) IMG_6745.JPG (1229665 bytes) IMG_6746.JPG (2297186 bytes) IMG_6747.JPG (1862195 bytes) IMG_6748.JPG (1919726 bytes) IMG_6749.JPG (2283721 bytes)
IMG_6750.JPG (191191 bytes) IMG_6751.JPG (2042310 bytes) IMG_6752.JPG (2074657 bytes) IMG_6753.JPG (2042311 bytes) IMG_6754.JPG (2096515 bytes) IMG_6755.JPG (2252618 bytes)
IMG_6756.JPG (2315428 bytes) IMG_6757.JPG (203230 bytes) IMG_6761.JPG (245523 bytes) IMG_6772.JPG (197411 bytes)This is a milestone day. IMG_6773.JPG (202506 bytes)All the solid wire has been replaced.  There are wires tucked every where. 

IMG_6774.JPG (158810 bytes)The IF cans are next.  They will be removed, resistors replaced......

IMG_6775.JPG (183105 bytes)....and the stranded wire are to be replaced.  Then the cans reinstalled.   After the IF cans the remaining resistors and capacitors will be replaced.   IMG_6783.jpg (190161 bytes)

This is one of three IF cans.  See the internal resistor?  It will be replaced....

IMG_6784.jpg (161279 bytes)

...along with the lead wires.

IMG_6785.jpg (195686 bytes)

2nd IF

IMG_6786.jpg (198348 bytes)

New wires.

The electrodynamic (field and voice coil)  speaker tested good.  It was dusted and a small 1/2 split has been sealed. IMG_6788.JPG (197225 bytes) Knock off some of the vintage dirt. IMG_6789.JPG (205215 bytes) IMG_6790.JPG (193620 bytes)Replace bad lamp wires and used lamps. IMG_6791.JPG (174564 bytes) 

More vintage dirt on the dial scale.

IMG_6792.JPG (252755 bytes)

Reinstalled cleaned pushbutton array.

IMG_6793.JPG (209050 bytes)

Next, add a power cord, add tubes and see if it works!

IMG_6794.JPG (203583 bytes)Well just can't add a power cord just yet.  The power switch leads came off.  The switch is made of "Unobtainium".  So it needs repaired.   IMG_6795.JPG (205151 bytes)Getting the switch re-mounted was a chore.  There was little room to insert long bolts.  IMG_6796.JPG (180283 bytes)But Good old American ingenuity is still around.  IMG_6797.JPG (212847 bytes)

Got it!  Now I can connect the power cord.

IMG_6798.JPG (236829 bytes)Installed into the chassis. 
IMG_6801.JPG (187963 bytes)The speaker is part of the power supply.  So it is connected for the first power up.  IMG_6803.JPG (127161 bytes)WE have life.  I can pick up KDKA with out a tweak.  That makes me feel good.  The internal antenna is behind the chassis.  It is used for a good precision alignment.  The lead wires are in good serviceable condition. IMG_6807.JPG (234213 bytes)

The full alignment begins.  

IMG_6808.JPG (232932 bytes)Underside with station presets (push buttons) installed.  IMG_6809.JPG (252743 bytes)This radio accommodates seven (7) pre-set AM broadcast band stations.  I will get a set of stations from the owner.  

The 7 stations are to be distributed across the band.  Each button can only accommodate a sub set of the whole band. 

IMG_6810.JPG (192945 bytes)I have an extra bezel.  I wanted to see how this looks with the rear illumination of the wine clear pushbuttons. 
IMG_6811.JPG (132220 bytes)And the rear lamp lights when the band selector is set on Push Buttons. 

Looks Nice.  

IMG_6812.JPG (123526 bytes)The push buttons are darkened when the AM band using the continuous knob is selected. And the right most BROADCAST indicator illuminates.  IMG_6813.JPG (124118 bytes)Police band (low Short wave) indicator works fine.  IMG_6814.JPG (119171 bytes)And OVER SEAS illuminates appropriately.    IMG_6817.JPG (151120 bytes)This is a new set of knobs, buttons and a bezel for this chassis.

Wine buttons have been swapped in place of the solid brown.

I age this image with Amber tinted spray lacquer, front and black.  I used VISIO, a cad program.  But I have historically used Excel.  Black background clear font.

41-209 ID labels.jpg (106070 bytes)

Set the height for .30" and width for .63".  Trim as needed.

IMG_6824.JPG (731076 bytes)

Open up the paper guides. 

IMG_6826.JPG (646935 bytes)

Cut out the station ID.  This page has been sprayed with Amber colored lacquer front and back. 

IMG_6827.JPG (938787 bytes)

Looking good. 

IMG_6828.JPG (830543 bytes)
WGN being received in the shop tonight!


IMG_6829.JPG (466806 bytes)

All lights out in the shop.  

IMG_6830.JPG (706958 bytes)

All totaled this took me about 2 hours.  I do not do this often so I am happy to oblige.   

I like a nice looking radio!


IMG_6831.JPG (786491 bytes) IMPORTANT!

IMG_6832.JPG (796707 bytes)

This is for shipping.  There is an aliment slug under this cardboard.  Remove before installing in to the cabinet.  

Do NOT twist the screw slug.


I will recheck the alignment after a nice burn-in period.  The burn-in period is to flush out any early failures (i.e. resistor, capacitor or something really inexpensive compared to the round trip shipping costs).   The type of failure you do not want happening later when the radio is long gone.  

Possible Grill cloth options


IMG_6818.JPG (226848 bytes)

Possibly an original match.  But the large threads are horizontal and not vertical as the original. 


IMG_6819.JPG (184536 bytes)

Chocolate polyester.  This may work depending on the refinished hue of the cabinet.


IMG_6820.JPG (252035 bytes)

Vintage cloth.


IMG_6822.JPG (262576 bytes)

New cloth.

4 close up

IMG_6823.JPG (1782686 bytes)Close up of new cloth. 

IMG_6873.JPG (833593 bytes) IMG_6874.JPG (3873514 bytes) IMG_6875.JPG (644074 bytes)

Some 70's style grill cloth. 


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