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This is a Philco 46-421 six tube AC-DC wood, table top AM radio. 

The documents are found here.  Once restored this radio sounds pretty good. The speaker could use a re-coning.  But I figure it has a few more years or more left on the paper cone.  This radio had all the capacitors replaced at one time.  I had to construct a new "Special Capacitor" made up of a 0.2 uf capacitor and a choke. The details of operation can be seen here at the Philco Repair Bench web site.

IMG_4270.JPG (2055605 bytes)


IMG_4271.JPG (1937711 bytes)


IMG_4298.JPG (2134148 bytes)


IMG_4299.JPG (1985670 bytes)


IMG_4302.JPG (1741453 bytes) IMG_4301.JPG (2148531 bytes) IMG_4275.JPG (352420 bytes)


IMG_4295.JPG (469428 bytes)

After - A tooth brush and Deodorized Mineral Spirits cleaned this Chassis up "Toot Sweet".

IMG_4277.JPG (1719834 bytes)


IMG_4297.JPG (1639970 bytes)


IMG_4279.JPG (365635 bytes)

Replaced part.

IMG_4280.JPG (358320 bytes)

From Electrolytic cap.

IMG_4286.JPG (285278 bytes)

Special Cap C401.  Use a 0.2uf with about 1/4 wide winding of enamel covered wire.  1 ohm resistor for testing.

IMG_4289.JPG (370034 bytes)This LC series network is to pass 455K to ground.
IMG_4290.JPG (379127 bytes) The voltage is 10% lower at 985kHz. IMG_4291.JPG (334339 bytes)

And at 18kHz. Not exactly the tightest of pass filters. But it "gets it done".

IMG_4293.JPG (240659 bytes)

3db should be .7074 of original voltage (if I read my voltage db tables correctly).  Add some heat shrink for a "Pro" look. It works great.  

f_org.JPG (97281 bytes)


fixspeak.JPG (111511 bytes)

Repaired with Tea Bag paper.

Client want a re-coned speaker.  Check back later for a new picture of the re-coned speaker.

All components were soldered directly to the tube socket contacts.  The hearty meaty construction of the tube sockets permitted the remove all of the original lead wires.  Not all tube sockets or wafer switches are not made or designed strong enough to withstand this type of part replacement. Parts replacement was just not a priority when these radios were engineered and manufactured.   This takes plenty of time and looks good.

This radio with the beefy tube sockets and Locktail tubes should last a long time.  Here is to another 40 to 50 years of service before the next restoration.  Who knows, by 2061 this radio may be worth $10,000 with inflation.


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