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Philco 48-1256 Radio Phono


This combination radio-phono has a 78 RPM turntable with a Crystal cartridge.  It receives the standard broadcast AM band.  The Phonograph has a record changer operated in the Manual or Automatic mode. 


As Received

IMG_5562.JPG (204413 bytes)
IMG_5563.JPG (189448 bytes)
IMG_5564.JPG (175324 bytes)
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The restoration

IMG_5571.JPG (200743 bytes) 
IMG_5748.JPG (189385 bytes)
Some vintage repair work as indicated by the two newer blue/orange capacitors.  
IMG_5749.JPG (151373 bytes)
Dial Scale light diffuser burn mark.  A simple replacement of the plastic diffuser. 
IMG_5751.JPG (190727 bytes)
Six tube transformerless chassis. All tubes tested good on the tube tester. They should perform fine after a chassis restoration. 
IMG_5752.JPG (126366 bytes)
Crystal Phono cartridge will need rebuilt or replaced.  It is dead. 
IMG_5754.JPG (122713 bytes)

This cartridge has been sent out for rebuilding along with the idler wheel.  

IMG_5755.JPG (180785 bytes)
Idler wheel is cracked and needs rebuilding.  
IMG_5757.JPG (147834 bytes)
IMG_5791.JPG (160853 bytes)

Radio IF transformer. 

IMG_5792.JPG (137641 bytes)
IMG_5793.JPG (237027 bytes)
IMG_5794.JPG (228707 bytes)

All new parts.

IMG_5795.JPG (132135 bytes)
IMG_5796.JPG (107949 bytes)
IMG_5797.JPG (97290 bytes)

Burned diffuser.

IMG_5798.JPG (121557 bytes)
IMG_5799.JPG (107124 bytes)
New dial scale diffuser.
IMG_5800.JPG (193900 bytes)

The radio sounds great.

IMG_5801.JPG (194044 bytes)

Now to clean the turntable.  

IMG_5802.JPG (195570 bytes)
IMG_5803.JPG (190644 bytes)
IMG_5804.JPG (170047 bytes)
IMG_5805.JPG (1479603 bytes)
IMG_5807.JPG (1493715 bytes)
IMG_5809.JPG (1459295 bytes)

This trip arm was stuck with dirt clogged grease.

IMG_5838.JPG (1762099 bytes)

Back from refinishing. 

IMG_5840.JPG (1305346 bytes)

New decals. 

IMG_5841.JPG (1222950 bytes) IMG_5842.JPG (1205879 bytes) IMG_5843.JPG (1269176 bytes)

This will be assembled once the idler wheel and cartridge is back.  

With the Idler wheel and cartridge installed the mechanism needs lots of adjustments.   IMG_6033.JPG (2535086 bytes) IMG_6034.JPG (2652346 bytes) Two new Sapphire needles are on order.    


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