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This is another Kiel table radio with an AK 60 inside.

Preliminary shots.  Disassembled "in the field" so it would fit in my car.

The camera was not focusing very well.  I will re-shoot these fuzzy shots and add more this week.  

IMG_6412.JPG (1128352 bytes)

Owner said it worked.  I will test this later.

IMG_6413.JPG (611528 bytes)

Sorry for the fuzzy shot. 

IMG_6414.JPG (977252 bytes) IMG_6415.JPG (992677 bytes)

What can I say?  The paper turns to dust when touched. 

IMG_6416.JPG (1140715 bytes)

Perhaps this will be re-coned before shipping over seas. 

IMG_6417.JPG (1104667 bytes)

A nice front door. 

IMG_6418.JPG (881608 bytes)

A bit of dry flaking. 

IMG_6419.JPG (985107 bytes)

chip off the old block. 

IMG_6420.JPG (601176 bytes) IMG_6421.JPG (667030 bytes) IMG_6422.JPG (836881 bytes) IMG_6424.JPG (1224067 bytes)

Some leg spindles are split from dryness. Set one. 

IMG_6425.JPG (1241756 bytes)

Set two. 

          Turkey love.JPG (535956 bytes)

Turkey love. 




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