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Zenith 6D512

This is a chassis only restoration of a Zenith 6D512 AM SW radio.  Lots of deteriorated insulation.  This is unfortunately common on some radio during the WWII era.  This radio was manufactured "pre April 1941".  This radio was probably sitting on a table playing music until shocking and tragic new blared out of the speaker on December 7, 1941.

Zenith 6D512 Information

The chassis for Zenith Serial# U-191028 is: 6A16 . This is a 6 tube chassis manufactured for the model year(s) 1941. This is a 110 Volt A-C/D-C Set. This chassis was used in the following model(s):

6D512 6D539

The above information provided by: The oracle


IMG_6350.jpg (1169763 bytes)

Speaker dry and brittle. 

IMG_6354.jpg (1109488 bytes)

Dim Bulb testing received stations on BC and some noise on SW (no antenna).  

IMG_6348.jpg (1110646 bytes)

Typical brittle wire to be replaced.

IMG_6349.jpg (1066487 bytes)

IMG_6353.jpg (1032115 bytes)

I like the blue dial scale.

IMG_6351.jpg (873005 bytes)

It should be less expensive to send this speaker for re-coning as compared to me  fabricating a mount accommodating a modern speaker.  I have an estimate coming. 

IMG_6358.JPG (732385 bytes)

Speaker removed for shipping to re-coner.

IMG_6448.JPG (210831 bytes)

The re-coned speaker

IMG_6359.JPG (749233 bytes) IMG_6449.JPG (227331 bytes)

The rewiring begins....

IMG_6463.JPG (209742 bytes)

This is one of two IF transformers.  

IMG_6464.JPG (201891 bytes)

New wires and new resistor.

IMG_6467.JPG (217021 bytes)

You cant hear it but it sounds good!

IMG_6468.JPG (202811 bytes)

Metal tube on right Converter is a bit weak.  The radio works fine but a strong converter may increase sensistivity.

IMG_6469.JPG (200056 bytes)

Open strap to connect an Antenna to one screw and a ground to the other.  Swap for best reception. 

IMG_6470.JPG (1187443 bytes)

New stuff.  

IMG_6471.JPG (235465 bytes)

Old stuff.




http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/zenith_6d512w_ch6a16.html   Comes in two colors.  Brown and white.  

http://jmpalm.home.mindspring.com/Inventory.htm  a vendor that makes replacement dial scale covers.  


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