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This picture shows the new knobs.  Click this picture to expand. 


This radio was owned by a fellow ham.  He had it in his family as a boy.  This Zenith has six tubes, it is transformer less and has four tone buttons.  This unit did not receive prior to restoration.

This page is a work-in-progress.  I have to add final pictures.


IMG_1648.jpg (68883 bytes) New Dial cover and grill cloth. IMG_1649.jpg (58534 bytes)Stripped, stained and lacquered.  IMG_1650.jpg (57656 bytes)Escutcheons wire brushed and sprayed. IMG_1651.jpg (66711 bytes)Chassis fully restored.  IMG_1652.jpg (67008 bytes) I am on the hunt for replacement knobs.
IMG_1105.JPG (169422 bytes)There are some rough spots on the cabinet. IMG_1109.JPG (153055 bytes)Dial scale cover shrunken, yellowed and warped.  Some on has inked a line on this plastic bezel IMG_1107.JPG (136507 bytes) IMG_1108.JPG (145144 bytes) IMG_1111.JPG (136461 bytes) Model stamp.
IMG_1112.JPG (176200 bytes) IMG_1114.JPG (178961 bytes) IMG_1113.JPG (228284 bytes)Some one has replaced the electrolytic cap and tied it with some old cloth. IMG_1115.JPG (212924 bytes) IMG_1116.JPG (180958 bytes)This oscillator coil is damaged and open.
IMG_1118.JPG (154822 bytes)You realize these are made with Unobtainium. IMG_1120.JPG (126525 bytes) The surgery begins. Locate the break is first.  several strands are broken. IMG_1123.JPG (102067 bytes)After careful teasing and unwrapping the coil to the break a jumper is made up. IMG_1125.JPG (100097 bytes)The jumper makes the broken coil continuity.  It is a good thing that I am near sighted!  
I need two of these knobs.

IMG_1645.JPG (200401 bytes)

IMG_1642.JPG (171811 bytes) IMG_1641.JPG (203954 bytes) IMG_1646.JPG (206640 bytes) IMG_1639.JPG (174656 bytes)


New knobs are from:



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