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This is a table top AM/FM Three tube Hot chassis radio.  And it sounds surprisingly robust.  It is a hot chassis radio that uses an Autotransformer to get the higher B+ of 210 volts to the ECL82 class A output tube.  There is a surprising amount of bass.  Let's take a look.....


IMG_5402.JPG (204932 bytes)

I had a strange Dim Bulb test.  It acted as though there was a short...

IMG_5403.JPG (216922 bytes)

...Tapping the chassis cleared, restored and cleared the fault.  The I found.....

IMG_5387.JPG (193780 bytes)

...this red wire.  I think this B+ red wire was intermittently shorting to ground.  The mark is where the wire was stuck to the above bare wire that is ground.  


IMG_5398.JPG (237858 bytes)

AM/FM tuner chassis.

IMG_5391.JPG (1791537 bytes)

The tone control was frozen.  It would not turn.  A bit of heat and lube  permitted sluggish movement.  But still no good.  

IMG_5392.JPG (181870 bytes)

So it comes out for surgery.  

IMG_5393.JPG (160216 bytes) IMG_5395.JPG (174893 bytes)

OK it is open.  The tone wiper on left.  

IMG_5396.JPG (177568 bytes)

No too bad.  A good cleaning with denatured alcohol.  

IMG_5397.JPG (202065 bytes)

There it is.  Grease that has turned into some terrible baking experiment. 

The control was cleaned with Alcohol.  A dab new grease and then reassembled.  

Works great now! 

IMG_5401.JPG (166646 bytes)

Replacing the selenium with silicon.  A 1N4007 and a 68ohm dropping resistor. 

IMG_5405.JPG (164239 bytes)

As received. 

IMG_5409.JPG (126479 bytes)

As received. 

IMG_5410.JPG (104578 bytes)

As received. 

IMG_5412.JPG (121962 bytes) IMG_5417.JPG (114707 bytes)

First buffed side.   1) Brasso 2) #3 Novus 3) #2 Novus and 4) #1 Novus.

IMG_5423.JPG (123237 bytes)

I started with a test on the bottom in that "inconspicuous" area.

IMG_5427.JPG (100721 bytes) IMG_5429.JPG (94212 bytes)

After a little more than an hour the deep scratches although less noticeable are still there.  

IMG_5430.JPG (101199 bytes)

So as not to remove too much material I stopped here.  

IMG_5431.JPG (75667 bytes) IMG_5432.JPG (87988 bytes)

Shown on the "Burn-in" shelf.  

IMG_5439.JPG (111134 bytes)
IMG_5434.JPG (84108 bytes) IMG_5435.JPG (80559 bytes) IMG_5436.JPG (150206 bytes) IMG_5438.JPG (130021 bytes)    




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