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Emud 60 Senior Rekord (American version)

The Model 60 is a larger model of table radios.  It has two electrostatic speakers and a separate mid range.  There is also a tuning EM80 tuning eye. Restoration was similar to the above model.  There are some differences in the circuits between the 106 and the 60. 

There are three tone controls.  One bass one treble and a set of three buttons.  The AM tuner has a separate control from the FM tuner.  Bands include AM broadcast, FM broadcast and Short Wave.

60a.JPG (193060 bytes) 60b.JPG (236443 bytes) 60c.JPG (681671 bytes) 60d.JPG (234021 bytes) 60e.JPG (156406 bytes)

I had a small bit of trouble with the alignment.  Since the chassis are very similar between the 60 Senior and the 196 junior the alignment procedure is the same.  The numbering of the IF transformer slugs, variable coils and caps are different.  But they act and adjust identically.  The test points are the same functionally but are identified differently.

Hans at Radiomuseum.org helped out with the proper test points.  Once identified the FM section aligned per specs.   

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