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This is the second of two 5088 USA Grundig Majestic


IMG_2930.JPG (462244 bytes)As received. IMG_2931.JPG (420954 bytes) IMG_2933.JPG (461254 bytes) IMG_2934.JPG (402311 bytes) IMG_2935.JPG (364783 bytes)
IMG_2932.JPG (380849 bytes) IMG_2936.JPG (422302 bytes) IMG_2938.JPG (427504 bytes) IMG_2939.JPG (381193 bytes)Take pictures of anything you take apart.   IMG_2940.JPG (470356 bytes)I am preparing this cabinet for refinishing.
IMG_2941.JPG (412662 bytes)Remove the dial glass and protect it from breakage.  And clean it too! IMG_2943.JPG (439779 bytes)The original chassis. IMG_2944.JPG (409167 bytes)I checked all the resistors and they are in tolerance.  This is no surprise for these European coated resistors.  IMG_2945.JPG (468912 bytes)New capacitors installed.    
IMG_2946.JPG (349041 bytes)The volume control is sticky.  IMG_2947.JPG (294514 bytes)Cleaning did not fix the problem. IMG_2948.JPG (453005 bytes)It has to be disassembled... IMG_2949.JPG (233005 bytes)...and the shaft needed burnishing.  IMG_2950.JPG (311883 bytes)Now it slips and turns easily.  I soldered the rivets.  
IMG_2952.JPG (300908 bytes)The inner plastic is cracked from age and over tightening the screw.  I filled the void to spread the pressure.  IMG_2954.JPG (360268 bytes)I applied the adhesive felt to reduce the scratchy feel of the knobs touching.   IMG_2955.JPG (351013 bytes)I did not do this to cover the epoxy filler.   IMG_2956.JPG (384744 bytes)The felt can be removed if the owner does not like it.  IMG_2957.JPG (384888 bytes)
IMG_2957.JPG (384888 bytes) IMG_2958.JPG (415743 bytes) IMG_2959.JPG (296103 bytes) IMG_2960.JPG (282890 bytes)  
IMG_2961.JPG (421684 bytes)The electrostatic tweeter needed attention too.   IMG_2962.JPG (413695 bytes)The only foam applies pressure to the metal foil connecting the solder tab to the metal coated diaphragm. See this link for more How to fixes for electrostatic tweeters.     


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