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This is a second Philco 40-150 purchased from the Kutztown PA meet.  This radio is undergoing a full restoration of the chassis and case.  Any and all questionable components are being replaced under the chassis.  Even some of the mica caps that have given me trouble in the past.  In particular the 370uuf caps through off the tuning linearity.  I just don't want to fight with them this time around.  So they are getting replaced.  All resistors are being replaces as well.  Any and all questionable wiring is being replaced.  

The chassis received a power wire brushing and three coats of clear lacquer to hold the shine.  It may never be seen again but I know it is properly shined up.   

The cabinet frame and loose veneer has been glued and clamped.  Repairs of the veneer will occur before stripping.  That will be done once the chassis is playing. 


IM000181.JPG (861583 bytes) IM000180.JPG (1121319 bytes) IM000179.JPG (1068188 bytes) IM000178.JPG (1145026 bytes) IM000177.JPG (1081377 bytes) See the grey chassis before cleaning. 
IM000182.JPG (1046524 bytes)  There are a lot of under chassis pictures for my reference. IM000185.JPG (1093360 bytes) It is a lot easier to remember where the wires went if there is a picture to help.  IM000186.JPG (951159 bytes) NOTE - The light colored tube socket, top right, breaks very easily.  Put a tube in this socket before touching the socket solder lugs!  You have been warned. epoxy.jpg (42244 bytes)

Use this epoxy to repair the broken tube socket (left) 

IM000187.JPG (990225 bytes) IM000188.JPG (821110 bytes) Chassis after wire brushing....
IM000189.JPG (852030 bytes)...and a few coats of clear lacquer. 

See the Shiny Chassis page

IM000190.JPG (854011 bytes) IM000191.JPG (819503 bytes) IM000192.JPG (1066520 bytes) IM000193.JPG (736031 bytes)

This is the restored cabinet.  Several missing pieces of veneer were replaced, rounded edges repaired, stained and lacquered with 9 coats of clear.  It needs to sit 24 hours before being rubbed out and waxed.  Next is the metal dial bezel, reassembly, more pictures and a bit of enjoyment.


IM000409.JPG (844102 bytes) The lacquer is still soft.  It was sprayed less than an hour ago.  IM000410.JPG (1016871 bytes) I lost count after 9 coats of lacquer. IM000411.JPG (1074820 bytes)     IM000412.JPG (1433630 bytes) IM000413.JPG (1411484 bytes)  The veneer repair looks ok.

After drying, the base, the channels where the sides meet and the wood thickness of the speaker grill will receive a coat of dark brown enamel paint to match the factory color scheme. 


Speaker Grill Cloth.

Don't look at the fit.  I held the cloth behind the opening with my hand.  If these don't work, many more can be found at http://www.grillecloth.com/pages/palette1.html,  Radiodaze.com or a number of other suppliers. 


IM000035.JPG (582574 bytes)Original Cloth, corrected color match. 

IM000031.JPG (336161 bytes) Closest to original grill cloth.  The shine of the decal will be lost under a few buffed lacquer coats.  IM000032.JPG (329909 bytes) Generic Dark.  Dark brown paint will be applied to the mating edges and the bottom section where the Lion's Paw feet are attached to match the factory.  IM000033.JPG (1025918 bytes) Generic Brown. IM000034.JPG (307085 bytes) Blond 



Completed unit!

IM000077.JPG (1515896 bytes)The final finish is multiple coats of  lacquer buffed with 0000 steel wool.  That took the shine off of the decals and leveled the sheen of the cabinet.   IM000078.JPG (1427386 bytes) The steel wool buffing takes away the shiny spots blending the sheen equally over the entire surface.  Each coat of lacquer was steel wool buffed. IM000080.JPG (1361127 bytes)Three coats of past wax was applied and rubbed out.  The wax should protect the finish. IM000081.JPG (1414151 bytes) You can see the brown paint has been applied to the edges and bottom of the cabinet for factory authenticity. 



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