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Philips B8X72A is a beautiful large table top radio.  

No audio output transformer is used in this design.  The work Bi-amp is prominently displayed on the glass dial scale.  The schematic can be found Here at the Radiomusium.org


IMG_3321.jpg (1353163 bytes)As Received IMG_3322.jpg (1299684 bytes) IMG_3323.jpg (1350677 bytes) IMG_3324.jpg (1466273 bytes) IMG_3325.jpg (1086422 bytes)Normal wear and tear.  IMG_3327.jpg (1300786 bytes)Normal but perhaps not desirable.
IMG_3328.jpg (998458 bytes) IMG_3329.jpg (761937 bytes) IMG_3330.jpg (1136567 bytes) IMG_3332.jpg (384652 bytes) IMG_3333.jpg (1282722 bytes) IMG_3334.jpg (1308579 bytes)
IMG_3335.jpg (1260052 bytes) IMG_3336.jpg (300827 bytes) IMG_3337.jpg (367695 bytes) IMG_3338.jpg (1176380 bytes)There has been some work. IMG_3339.jpg (1201243 bytes) IMG_3340.jpg (1351354 bytes)
IMG_3341.jpg (1349253 bytes) IMG_3343.jpg (947029 bytes) IMG_3342.jpg (1003539 bytes) IMG_3344.jpg (164293 bytes) IMG_3426.JPG (166640 bytes) IMG_3427.JPG (193378 bytes)
IMG_3427.JPG (193378 bytes) IMG_3429.JPG (180392 bytes)New Lamps IMG_3430.JPG (168140 bytes)New frosted lamp IMG_3438.JPG (181770 bytes) IMG_3442.JPG (192729 bytes) IMG_3443.JPG (205695 bytes)
IMG_3445.JPG (182107 bytes) IMG_3447.JPG (224601 bytes) IMG_3448.JPG (224065 bytes) IMG_3437.JPG (199475 bytes) IMG_3623.JPG (1113134 bytes)Mix up some matching brown. IMG_3625.JPG (763293 bytes)Touch up the little scratches on the back of the glass.  

The front volume control has two tone taps.  I removed and disassembled for cleaning. 

IMG_3465.JPG (728467 bytes) IMG_3470.JPG (1005712 bytes)Ball bearing IMG_3471.JPG (850719 bytes)To flair rivet.  IMG_3472.JPG (982279 bytes) IMG_3474.JPG (886019 bytes)
IMG_3466.JPG (804115 bytes) IMG_3469.JPG (935007 bytes)Scrubbed with a tooth brush and denatured alcohol.  IMG_3463.JPG (887269 bytes)Cleaning in the chassis did not help much.    
  IMG_3475.JPG (298181 bytes)Dial glass to cabinet gasket material.   IMG_3478.JPG (757885 bytes) IMG_3460.JPG (1089262 bytes)Pipe cleaners to clean tone switches. IMG_3477.JPG (962012 bytes)Inside sticker.




IMG_3627.JPG (1097986 bytes) This is the finished radio.   IMG_3629.JPG (848200 bytes) "Fedelita" The first tone button selected.  The HQ or High Quality insignia is illuminated and the front volume control functions.   The three middle tone buttons are labeled "Stabilotone" and the rear volume control functions. IMG_3632.JPG (811305 bytes)  With "Dolce" selected, the bass control functions and the tone display's blue lamp is on.  The Treble knob does not operate.  
IMG_3631.JPG (833801 bytes)With "Forte" depressed, the red lamp illuminates and the treble knob is active. IMG_3628.JPG (836255 bytes)With "Mezzoforte" both red and blue tone display lamps are illuminated and both tone controls function.  Again the rear volume control functions.  IMG_3630.JPG (830340 bytes)Finally with the "Parola" button depressed the front volume control is again active and the Spraak/ Parola indicator is illuminated.


IMG_3662.JPG (1018958 bytes)S16 is not peaking any where near its original position. on the left.  IMG_3663.JPG (1068892 bytes) IMG_3664.JPG (1084158 bytes)S16 The transformer on the bottom.  IMG_3665.JPG (765082 bytes)I moved one of the internal slugs to span both coils in S16.  The adjustment slug will now go through peak.  The slot is adjusted pretty much all the way in but the slug goes through peak at 155.5 Khz.  And the reception is good. 


Final pictures of a spectacularly refinished cabinet.

IMG_3321.jpg (1353163 bytes)As received  IMG_3666.JPG (913801 bytes) Refinished IMG_3668.JPG (1948968 bytes) I think the colors look better in person.  IMG_3669.JPG (1936638 bytes) IMG_3670.JPG (2068242 bytes)
IMG_3667.JPG (775162 bytes) IMG_3671.JPG (2100693 bytes) IMG_3673.JPG (2028488 bytes) IMG_3674.JPG (1140965 bytes) IMG_3675.JPG (164666 bytes)
IMG_3676.JPG (345922 bytes) IMG_3677.JPG (442270 bytes) IMG_3678.JPG (345651 bytes) IMG_3679.JPG (615527 bytes)  


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