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Philips Saturn BD563A


There is no Audio Output transformer in this radio.  It has been engineered with out one.  I found the schematic on  The bass response is tremendous.  The highs and mids are clear and defined.  This is a fine example of Vacuum tube (valve) sound with out an audio output transformer to "color" the tone.

IMG_3082.JPG (186509 bytes)The finish was cracked all the way to the wood.  IMG_3083.JPG (196205 bytes)The cracks look like broken glass. IMG_3084.JPG (205773 bytes)The finish was tough.  It has to be sanded off.  No stripper would remove it. IMG_3085.JPG (188553 bytes)Many coats of toner were applied.  A white toner for the inner bezel surround.  IMG_3086.JPG (195781 bytes)Multiple coats of clear lacquer was applied for a high gloss shine. IMG_3088.JPG (167570 bytes)No flash. IMG_3089.JPG (126274 bytes)Darkened room.  The new dial scale lamps are in holders set back from the diffuser about 1.5 inches.  They are not bright in day light.
IMG_2998.JPG (69679 bytes) IMG_2996.JPG (274821 bytes) IMG_2999.JPG (295791 bytes)Original paper dial scale diffuser.  IMG_3000.JPG (226269 bytes) IMG_3001.JPG (203670 bytes) IMG_3002.JPG (320512 bytes) IMG_3003.JPG (343695 bytes)
IMG_3004.JPG (333384 bytes) IMG_3005.JPG (337512 bytes) IMG_3006.JPG (284553 bytes) IMG_3010.JPG (292349 bytes) IMG_3011.JPG (188932 bytes) IMG_3013.JPG (245979 bytes) IMG_3016.JPG (180204 bytes)
IMG_3020.JPG (928124 bytes)The dial cord on the unique tone selector needed replaced.  IMG_3022.JPG (1042562 bytes) IMG_3071.JPG (174728 bytes)New translucent plastic. IMG_3072.JPG (268147 bytes)Cut to size and reinforced with double thickness. IMG_3073.JPG (274985 bytes) IMG_3074.JPG (303803 bytes)See how the sun light shines through! IMG_3079.JPG (469456 bytes)
IMG_2991.JPG (946663 bytes)These are high impedance speakers. IMG_2992.JPG (871115 bytes)Modern 4, 8 or 16 ohm speakers will ruin the output tubes. IMG_2993.JPG (933947 bytes)Three speakers are 400 ohms and one is 800 ohms.        

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