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Philips BX998A Bi Amp Table Radio.


The restored unit

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Logo needed for refinishing of the cabinet.  PHILIPS foil decal LOGO.jpg (60133 bytes)  click on image to enlarge.


I gave up trying to find one of these brass logo emblems.  See here what I did to make one. 

IMG_4703.JPG (367546 bytes)



This is a large heavy radio. bi_ampli_bx998a_211327.jpeg (35271 bytes)

 This picture from www.Radiomuseum.org.

bi_ampli_bx998a_684493.jpeg (36511 bytes)

There is a motor driven set of function switches. 

IMG_4452.JPG (104536 bytes)

All hardware has been removed from the cabinet for restoration.  

IMG_4446.JPG (105089 bytes)

That is inlayed brass.

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This finish will be stripped.  Any original stain will be maintained. 

IMG_4449.JPG (140716 bytes)

Faded stain will be color matched and blended.  

IMG_4440.JPG (149615 bytes)

I am glad this is not a decal.  

IMG_4423.JPG (152180 bytes)

I have to re-string this antenna turning cord.  

IMG_4422.JPG (152523 bytes)

That is why there are plenty of pictures.  I do have the diagram but pictures are hard to beat.

IMG_4425.JPG (156708 bytes)

You can see the faded color from the years of light exposure. It looks nice light but the dark is the original color. 

IMG_4418.JPG (157981 bytes) IMG_4448.JPG (158401 bytes) IMG_4421.JPG (160028 bytes)
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I was delighted with the whole works slid out on a wood board!

IMG_4414.JPG (199876 bytes)

Preliminary testing revealed a strong hum that faded slightly.  This will be remedied with the chassis restoration. 

IMG_4432.JPG (200570 bytes)

The diode tubes will be tested.  And of course all electrolytic capacitors will be replaced too.

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Find the service document here.


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