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This RCA Radiola 17 is in for evaluation.  The first observation is how muddy the interior is.  I thought this radio was in a flood.  Once the chassis was removed it became clear this radio hosted a colony or colonies of mud wasps.  This chassis is to be fully evaluated before restoration begins.

There is a speaker included.  However that is to be sent to a speaker specialist.


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IMG_2521.JPG (188443 bytes) IMG_2525.JPG (209665 bytes) IMG_2526.JPG (141155 bytes) Broken dial scale. IMG_2527.JPG (191035 bytes)Speaker needs sent to a specialist. IMG_2528.JPG (190186 bytes)
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IMG_2517.JPG (201191 bytes) IMG_2518.JPG (214193 bytes) IMG_2535.JPG (183424 bytes) IMG_2540.JPG (208081 bytes)Every section of this voltage divider resistor is open. IMG_2543.JPG (150793 bytes)Some factory stamp to be later deciphered.
IMG_2547.JPG (117499 bytes) #80 Rectifier tube glow IMG_2550.JPG (197388 bytes)Receiver caps IMG_2551.JPG (144449 bytes)  IMG_2552.JPG (164430 bytes) These resistors are open.  IMG_2558.JPG (209231 bytes)This is the dual iron core transformer I am skeptical of.  I want a Hot Operational check to insure it works. IMG_2555.JPG (216298 bytes)Close resistor equivalents subbed in.
IMG_2557.JPG (175822 bytes)1000 ohm resistors across the open wire wounds.  IMG_2554.JPG (221440 bytes)

Monitor B+.  B+ should closer meet spec (200v) once all the capacitors in the power supply are replaced. 


Have a listen.

This is the "hot test" to get a better idea of the Iron core transformer state of serviceability.  Both the receiver chassis and the power supply chassis are tested together.  This is not a long term Burn-in test where parts are put under normal operating stresses and run times.  But it clearly beats a DC ohm meter test!

I expect the reception to improve a bit with the replacement of the capacitors in the receiver and power supply chassis. 


The radio did fire up and receive stations.  This radio just was not turned on a played to test the transformers.  A lot of small steps went into bringing the power up to operational levels.   First all tubes were tested.  Two of them needed the pins resoldered to test good.  All capacitors were tested for shorts and capacitance. Then the power transformer was tested with 12 vac and the secondary windings measured.  Then 120 vac, through a Dim Bulb Tester was applied to the power supply with out the #80 tube.  And on and on the testing went until full voltage to the receiver was applied.  

This slow build up did two things.  It found the bad parts and prevented bad parts from destroying good parts.  The receiver did crackle to life as I install the tubes from the audio output to the first RF while monitoring the B+.  I had trouble at first maintaining B+ with all tubes installed. I still do not why B+ fell to 80volts but something pulled it down.  Perhaps it is a #26 tube that tested with an intermittent short. 

The owner decided not to proceed with a restoration.  The radio was returned.  

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