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Silvertone 1708-A

This radio is in for restoration.  The first row pictures are from the eBay listing for this same radio.  I will add originals later as the cabinet and chassis are restored.


b195_3.jpg (42761 bytes) b219_3.jpg (46275 bytes) b295_3.jpg (48910 bytes) b2fd_3.jpg (47251 bytes) b369_3.jpg (41442 bytes) This is actually a model 1708-A.  This is not a 1708 nor a 1738!
IMG_0179.JPG (264866 bytes)Flash IMG_0180.JPG (238282 bytes)No Flash, Tungsten lamps. IMG_0182.JPG (259381 bytes)Daylight IMG_0183.JPG (272442 bytes) IMG_0184.JPG (272325 bytes)
IMG_0185.JPG (257634 bytes)   scan0001.jpg (2075217 bytes) This is the removed grill cloth. scan0002.jpg (809406 bytes) There are light green threads where the cloth was covered by wood.   

Chassis 1708-A.  Riders pages 5-61, 62  IF 455.

IMG_0224.JPG (265250 bytes) Chassis as received. IMG_0223.JPG (367387 bytes) Underside. IMG_0225.JPG (252769 bytes)Oops.  This speaker was shipped with out protecting the cone with cardboard.   IMG_0228.JPG (254074 bytes)  It was placed on top of the chassis. and was depressed buy chassis components. This space is reserved for the repaired speaker.  I used Tea bag paper and Elmer's rubber cement.  The alternative is to send this speaker out for re-coning.
IMG_0243.JPG (200963 bytes) Nice dial scale.  IMG_0242.JPG (372334 bytes) Tuning gang removed for cleaning and replacement of the rubber grommets.  IMG_0250.JPG (305445 bytes) Reassembled restored and sounding good.  IMG_0251.JPG (306957 bytes)  By the way the IF is 455khz.    Now to refinish the cabinet.




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