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This Zenith model 7G605 "Bomber" is the first model of the Transoceanic line.  This unit is called the "Bomber" since the image of a military bomber plain is embroidered on the speaker grill.  This model was preceded only by the same model number but with a sailboat embroidered image on the speaker cloth (seen as the background image of this page).

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Ready for shipping.  

IMG_6777.JPG (238586 bytes) IMG_6776.JPG (152163 bytes) IMG_6778.JPG (139234 bytes) IMG_6779.JPG (129575 bytes) IMG_6780.JPG (140230 bytes)All aligned and ready to go on AC or DC.  
IMG_6781.JPG (176884 bytes)Tested with a battery.  I did not use the two additional paralleled D cells in the filament string.   IMG_6782.JPG (106191 bytes)New handle.     Be careful inserting the AC plug prongs into the chassis switch.  It is a tight fit.  Wiggle the plug left and right to catch the change over switch under the chassis.  DO NOT FORCE!




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