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Telefunkin Opus 7

I put this radio on the Dim Bulb Tester (DBT).  It played, but poorly even with full line voltage.  For me the DBT allows a quick check of the IF transformers, Oscillator coils power transformer, AF transformers and more. It saves a lot of ohm meter checks.  

Restored this radio has a grand sound.  Much better than when received!  Most of the capacitors were split or oozing fluid.  

IMG_2926.JPG (282590 bytes) IMG_2927.JPG (259681 bytes) IMG_2928.JPG (275174 bytes) IMG_2929.JPG (294879 bytes)  
IMG_2920.JPG (340221 bytes)The left cap has black goo oozing out.    IMG_2922.JPG (310458 bytes)The right has crystallized white fluid residue.  IMG_2919.JPG (162209 bytes)Most if not all of these black plastic like caps are cracked.      
IMG_2866.JPG (367392 bytes) The electrostatic tweeters need work.  IMG_2858.JPG (421173 bytes) IMG_2868.JPG (349344 bytes)Deteriorated foam rubber.  IMG_2862.JPG (445696 bytes) IMG_2857.JPG (433322 bytes)
IMG_2861.JPG (397708 bytes) IMG_2864.JPG (434308 bytes)There is hard ribbing to support the rear diaphragm.   IMG_2865.JPG (416619 bytes) Clean the contact with a cotton swab and contact cleaner.   IMG_2871.JPG (405444 bytes)I can hear the buzzing of the capacitor checker in the tweeter.   IMG_2873.JPG (373327 bytes)Sounds nice with the FM radio playing some smooth jazz. 



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