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This is another Emud Rekord Junior 196.  These are smaller popular AM/FM radios with an electrostatic speaker.  It is a great little radio for a table top or office desk.  

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As Received

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Gutted can capacitor.

IMG_5128.JPG (793745 bytes)

Two of these skinny Nichicon capacitors fit under the can.

IMG_5129.JPG (789210 bytes)

Unfortunately Mouser has declared this model cap as "End of Life". 

IMG_5130.JPG (737821 bytes)

Their thin profile make these 47uf 450volt caps great for restorations. 

IMG_5123.JPG (1290884 bytes)

This is my bench audio output transformer to verify the open primary of the Emud transformer. 

IMG_5144.JPG (2735676 bytes)

The outer bell housing and bracket has been removed from the new audio output transformer. 

IMG_5140.JPG (2700461 bytes)

Installation in the origonal chassis accomodation for the transformer.  

IMG_5141.JPG (3285185 bytes) IMG_5142.JPG (2756840 bytes)

Lead dress. 

IMG_5131.JPG (975510 bytes)

The Electrostatic tweeter with the classic case of crumbling foam rubber. 

IMG_5132.JPG (1008838 bytes)

This foam rubber pushed the Mylar diaphragm against the metal grill.  

IMG_5133.JPG (867256 bytes)

A light touch turns it into powered.  

IMG_5134.JPG (966978 bytes)

Installed a new freshly fabricated piece of foam rubber. 

IMG_5135.JPG (900088 bytes)

Sounds great!

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