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These two radios are in the shop.  The 2600USA works fine and has great looking cabinet and knobs but needs the usual chassis restoration. The 2500 has a dull cabinet and a bad and missing autotransformer.  The challenge is to take the transformer out of the 2600 and install it into the 2500.  

I jumpered the B+ and the filament lines from the 2600USA to the 2500.  Then applied power through the ubiquitous Dim Bulb Tester (DBT) and it crackled with some sound from the speaker.  Bypassing the DBT into the isolation transformer and adding a temporary 47 uf 450 volt electrolytic the radio began to receive static.  It received stations on all bands, FM, SW and AM.  

So in principal the transformer transplant will work.  There will be no voltage selector as with the original transformer.   

What is gained?  The 2500 has a Short wave band that the 2600USA does not.  And the 2500 much more attractive dial scale (2500) in my opinion with all the foreign countries listed.


IMG_2559.JPG (201829 bytes)2500USA

Bands AM FM


IMG_2560.JPG (205158 bytes) IMG_2570.JPG (173411 bytes)


IMG_2563.JPG (214741 bytes) IMG_2564.JPG (200232 bytes) IMG_2565.JPG (188476 bytes)  IMG_2566.JPG (189203 bytes)Dial glass gasket adhered glass to case.  

IMG_2586.JPG (175035 bytes)This chassis has a transformer.

IMG_2569.JPG (192182 bytes) 2602USA 

Bands AM FM and SW


IMG_2568.JPG (208690 bytes) IMG_2575.JPG (225673 bytes)


IMG_2587a.JPG (173768 bytes) No Transformer.    
IMG_2571.JPG (236118 bytes)Jumpered B+ and Heaters IMG_2573.JPG (205669 bytes)New cap jumpered across electrolytic IMG_2574.JPG (208095 bytes) IMG_2576.JPG (211172 bytes)The donor transformer  
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