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This is one of the first Transoceanic models.  It has the Sailboat embroidered grill cloth.  The same model can also have an image of an airplane bomber.

The below is a "critical" evaluation of the cabinet.  Keep in mind this is typical conditions of a 1940's radio and it is not bad.  


img_0285.jpg (99347 bytes) img_0286.jpg (105604 bytes) img_0287.jpg (92414 bytes) img_0288.jpg (115239 bytes) This front lid is removable. img_0289.jpg (116957 bytes) A bit of covering has pulled away in the corners.
img_0290.jpg (123529 bytes) All antenna components present. img_0291.jpg (90360 bytes) The label was detached.  The missing section was still under the staple.  This label can be glued and replaced. img_0292.jpg (94319 bytes) img_0293.jpg (121397 bytes) Power cord rotted with exposed wires as expected. img_0294.jpg (101431 bytes) Rather clean.
img_0295.jpg (79706 bytes)Antenna wire.  May need  sewn.  img_0296.jpg (70467 bytes) Wrinkled covering.  I think this is moisture damage from a visitor.  img_0297.jpg (95510 bytes) Clean and keep the patina or buff. img_0298.jpg (110351 bytes) Knob shafts have received a shot of WD-40 to release the knob from the shafts. img_0299.jpg (160830 bytes) Nice speaker grill
img_0301.jpg (117598 bytes) Missing dial cover.  BUT the dial scale and pointer are in top condition.  Covers are easy to make.  img_0302.jpg (102173 bytes) I though about this for a while.   img_0303.jpg (99312 bytes) I looked and looked.  Then it hit me.  This is rodent damage. img_0304.jpg (78028 bytes) This has been gnawed on.  img_0308.jpg (86063 bytes) More rodent damage on the aerial hole.
img_0311.jpg (82416 bytes) This is probably rodent damage.  img_0312.jpg (96616 bytes) Good condition.      
img_0313.jpg (84873 bytes)Latch missing metal tab.  Time to start the search for a new latch part. img_0314.jpg (96209 bytes) Tab is present on this latch and the remaining latches.    img_0306.jpg (74070 bytes)Light grey material on chassis board. This should be asbestoses. This will receive a coating of Lacquer to "encapsulate". img_0305.jpg (79995 bytes) Battery holder.


Decision time.

The most difficult decision is how far to restore this rare classic.  Does one remove and replace the covering leatherette or clean, soften and re-glue the edges? 

How to repair the rodent damage?  Use wood fillers then paint to match covering pattern or leave the original "Mr. Jingles" calling card?

Chassis restoration decisions are pretty straight forward.  Snip and splice components & store away the original parts for some future unforeseen increase in value or restuff capacitors and use replica resistors?  The underside will not be seen unless it is purposefully removed and inspected.  It is personal preference. 

The Dial scale cover can be made and the damage latch may be found on eBay from another donor cabinet. 

Rubber grommets need replacing.  The can be found with a bit of creative searching.


Some one on the Transoceanic Fanatic Yahoo group needed the Wave Rod switch wiring.  I hope this helps.





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