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This is a MINT condition Lafayette Comstat 35 CB transceiver.  I have not seen one in this good condition ever.  It is deaf.  No receive.

Opening the top I saw a crystal partially out of its socket.  Hmmm, a clue.  I pulled each crystal and referred to the mint condition documentation.  Two are out of order.  I checked the crystal sockets against the schematic to determine the socket numbers, replaced the crystals into the proper socket and power it on with the DBT.  

Removing the DBT the radio came to life.  Each channel was checked with an RF generator radiating indirectly into the shop.  All channels receive on the appropriate frequency.

The transmitter puts out 3.5 watts though a BIRD watt meter with load and plate peaked.  

See the pictures below:


IMG_5293.JPG (260536 bytes) IMG_5294.JPG (257688 bytes) IMG_5295.JPG (2442965 bytes) IMG_5300.JPG (269778 bytes)

Crystals out of order.

IMG_5304.JPG (84465 bytes)

S9 set at 100uv.

IMG_5305.JPG (243881 bytes)


IMG_5306.JPG (102065 bytes)

Peaked Load and Drive caps. 

IMG_5307.JPG (3169860 bytes)

All electrolytic cap ESR tested OK.

IMG_5308.JPG (2731234 bytes) IMG_5309.JPG (326393 bytes) IMG_5310.JPG (261123 bytes)

lafSN.jpg (139999 bytes)

IMG_5303.JPG (302037 bytes)

Crystal socket order determined from Pins 2 and 9 of V7 (empty socket).


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