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A "big bruiser" of a linear amplifier.

Two (2) 811A's and two (2) 866A mercury rectifiers.  

IMG_6095.JPG (2046337 bytes) IMG_6089.JPG (1772608 bytes) IMG_6090.JPG (1808589 bytes) IMG_6091.JPG (2101418 bytes)  All tubes test good.  The 811's are about 60% strength as measured on a Gm tube tester. 866A are good. 
IMG_6092.JPG (1795056 bytes)

Power & filament  XFMR passes low voltage testing.  I do not have a safe method to measure 3000 volts secondary.  I used 12 vac on the primary. 

IMG_6093.JPG (1932480 bytes) IMG_6094.JPG (1694033 bytes)

Needs to be stripped and repainted. 


I checked this amp over to be sold on eBay by a Ham Radio Club.  It was suggested that I should perform a full and complete restoration on this amp.  The though is the person who wants one of these Johnson Viking Courier amp's is a person that wants to use it and not necessarily restore it.

If I do restore this amp I will certainly post the story here for all to see.  

If you have an opinion let me know. 



A final note.  This unit was donated to Skyview Radio Society by the estate of an SK.  When this amp is sold all the proceeds will benefit Skyview Radio Society radio club (a 501c3 corp).  We are thankful for the generous donations from local SK families to the Skyview Radio Society.   

I will not be listing this unit.  Please contact Skyview directly for details.  I only prepared and documented this unit for sale.  

There are no guarantees, warrantees or any other promises of functionality.  This unit is intended for sale, As is, Where is, unless stated otherwise by the owner/seller.  This is used vintage equipment.


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