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This page is to track the removal of a transformer needed for another chassis.  Each lead has been marked and referenced to a schematic.  I pulled the schematic for the EZ80 tube spec.  It is the only schematic available for this project.  I could not locate a schematic for the Telefunken D799 WK TROP chassis.  But this schematic perfectly matches the parts on the chassis.  Well, except for the primary voltage selector taps. 

IMG_4010.JPG (1287533 bytes)This second tap used for tube filaments and pilot lamps.

The Varriac set to match the line selector voltage. 

IMG_4011.JPG (907424 bytes)The Varriac set at the exact voltage of the primary line selector for accurate secondary readings.  IMG_4012.JPG (932145 bytes)The sticker indicates where the pointer should point for the selected voltage.  The example is selected for 118 volts.  NOT 150! IMG_4013.JPG (1310760 bytes)High Voltage secondary to center tap.  The center tap was attached to ground in the D799 chassis.  The winding are attached to the EZ80 dual diode plates. 
IMG_4014.JPG (1310100 bytes) The High voltage secondary measurement across the whole winding.  IMG_4015.JPG (869560 bytes)This enclosed sheet (in place of a chassis schematic)  references to the wire tags placed on each transformer wire.


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