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This Saba is in for a tube check and some nuisance repairs.  The power switch takes about 4 or 5 pushes to power up.  That turned out to be two of the three wafers have burned and missing contacts.  So a multiple operations were needed to line up all three wafers on a good set of contacts. 

An intermittent static problem was reported.  It is loudest with minimum volume on any function or accessory.  I could not pin that one down but have two great suspected culprits.  The first is the EC92 audio pre-amp tube has and intermittent blinking SHORT light on the tube tester.  The second was a previously replaced audio output transformer (AOT) that was tack soldered in place.  One primary ground wire came off when bumped.   All AOT lead wires were resoldered to solid contact points.  No problems occurred at burn-in time.  But it is probably waiting to be back with its owner. 

Seven carbon composition resistors and both EL95 cathode bypass caps were replaced.  They looked suspect in the static situation.  

The Audio output tubes EL95 are on the weak side.  They still sound good so they can be replaced later.

Both phone input series resistors have been jumper/bypassed.  The owner had to significantly increase the volume control while using his XM receiver through the 125.  This should help to keep the volume control in the bass compensation range ("Loudness" to us in the US).  

All voltage tested good once the mains input selector was moved from 110 to 125.  The lamp voltages are right on the money at 6.5 vac.  The tuning indicator became virtually dark with the proper B+ applied.  It got a new fresh bright tube.  



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Cabinet is in outstanding condition. 

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There is a stereo audio amp.  The receivers are manual. 

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The phono and recorder inputs have stereo line ins.  

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New tuning eye tube. 

This 3 pole power switch is bad.IMG_5985.JPG (1788054 bytes)

The EC92 audio pre amp is bad with an intermittent short.  It was replaced. 

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Two of the wafers are DPST for the Mains cord. Several contacts are burned.

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To of the three rotor/wipers are broken and burned. 

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The bottom wafer is a mute to silence the radio when the power is turned off.

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I used the good segment and contacts for the line and bypassed the other two. 

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Some one replace the selenium with a silicon bridge.

I replaced all seven carbon comp resistorsIMG_5978.JPG (2153361 bytes) The EL95s are weak but serviceable and still sound great.  The owner can replace these two tubes at his leisure.  All others are good.     


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