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This page covers the restoration of a Johnson Viking II and the Johnson 122 VFO

IMG_3215.jpg (955892 bytes) IMG_3156.jpg (1200473 bytes)

This is a before picture.  There is no after picture to post. 

IMG_3157.jpg (980099 bytes)All electrolytic (except C8 oil filed cap) have been replaced.  IMG_3158.jpg (968649 bytes)All the carbon comp resistors have been replaced except the metering resistors.  IMG_3160.jpg (1047329 bytes)All waxed paper caps replaced.  IMG_3163.jpg (31844 bytes)

Enhanced to see the numbers. 

IMG_3172.jpg (1011081 bytes)

8uf 1000v oil filled capacitor.

IMG_3176.jpg (1152447 bytes)This is a leakage test.  The oil filled cap passed. IMG_3177.jpg (857742 bytes)

250watt slug


IMG_3179.jpg (904761 bytes) Sorry that I did not take under chassis pictures before I screwed the bottom panel on.  


VFO model 122

IMG_3180.jpg (1039659 bytes) IMG_3181.jpg (1172863 bytes) IMG_3182.jpg (964167 bytes) IMG_3183.jpg (1352441 bytes) IMG_3184.jpg (852078 bytes) IMG_3185.jpg (924940 bytes)
IMG_3186.jpg (975572 bytes) IMG_3187.jpg (957636 bytes) IMG_3188.jpg (999012 bytes) IMG_3189.jpg (1078384 bytes) IMG_3190.jpg (895029 bytes) IMG_3191.jpg (841333 bytes)
IMG_3204.jpg (221061 bytes) IMG_3229.jpg (295791 bytes) IMG_3228.jpg (290293 bytes) IMG_3205.jpg (245979 bytes)No flash IMG_3214.jpg (1037929 bytes)  
   I sent this to  They may make up some new Decals.  

CAUTION. They list the Viking I I decals on their site. Call them first before ordering.  One reader, Joe, did not get the correct decal set!

viking 122 vfo.jpg (153279 bytes)

One reader of this site, Joe, received this decal set after ordering from RadioDaze.  I am waiting for a possible follow up from Joe about  RadioDaze.

I hope this sorts out.  Radiodaze has been good to me so far.  (I do not take any $$ from any vendors or advertising). 



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