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These are pictures of optioning Auxiliaries from Pre Fader (Post EQ) to Pre EQ on each channel.  The existing trace has to be broken then a jumper soldered to two pads.  


IMG_2636.JPG (1233311 bytes)This is the factory trace to be broken.  I went down the boards, scraped the trace with a knife and metered each trace with a continuity (ohm) meter for an open indication.  

IMG_2639.JPG (1307781 bytes) That is small!  The coiled cord is an anti static strap from my wrist to the mixer metal case.  

 It is winter and dry.  There is a lot of static build up. 

Better safe than sorry! 

IMG_2638.JPG (1208324 bytes)Adding a dab of rosin core solder. 

IMG_2642.JPG (1144503 bytes) Pre tinned length of 26 gauge bare copper telephone wire. 

IMG_2644.JPG (1018287 bytes) Bend it towards the second pre-tinned solder pad and touch with the iron. 

IMG_2645.JPG (1038004 bytes)Snip off extra and repeat 35 more times including the four stereo channels 29-32. 

IMG_2646.JPG (210629 bytes) Fineto' 


All new straps were tested for continuity.  And adjacent traces next to the broken/scraped off trace were tested for continuity to the nearest via's.  These continuity tests insured that I did not scrape off or break an adjacent trace.   I hate to open up a unit to trouble shoot problems or discover the problems during a live gig.



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