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The Lafayette KT-126 kit is a four tube class A output, two channel audio amplifier.  I was asked to fix this unit and could not find a schematic or practically any reference of this amplifier.  

It is a simple amp, two 12AX7s and two 50C5s.  I used an AA5 schematic to check the 50C5 operating parameters and to verify the high frequency oscillation suppression cap. There were numerous cold solder joints and wires with absolutely no solder flow.  Everyone has to learn to solder somewhere. 

IMG_3068.JPG (1020558 bytes) IMG_3067.JPG (1081012 bytes) IMG_3065.JPG (1271316 bytes) IMG_3066.JPG (1217560 bytes) IMG_3069.JPG (1115428 bytes)
IMG_3150.JPG (1101642 bytes) Finished. 

1n4007 50 ohm series resistor experimentally determined to provide 110v plate on the 50c5.

scan0002.jpg (2011827 bytes)Hand drawn schematic.  This has a silicon diode conversion.  Voltages are measure with a 7meg ohm impedance DVM.  The mode switch is from memory.  It may have errors.

This Korean site is the only reference I could find on this little amp.  Click this link to see it.

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