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This HEATHKIT SB-610 MONITOR SCOPE is in for K3MJW pre-sales check out.  It is in excellent condition and works.  I found a cold solder joint on R104 ground that needed a little solder and heat causing the horizantal sweep to shake.  All Electrolytic caps tested low ESR and all tubes tested good on a Heathkit emissions tester.

I cleaned the cabinet and front Bezel of some normal dirt.  There are a few spots of missing paint.  

For testing I hooked it up to a signal generator to the Exciter and "Vert" inputs.  See the patterns below.  Two tone generator showed output on my scope.  


IMG_5740.JPG (192411 bytes)

Very clean 

IMG_5691.JPG (148640 bytes) IMG_5692 - Copy.JPG (165028 bytes)

Well kept

IMG_5694 - Copy.JPG (180472 bytes) IMG_5695 - Copy.JPG (175368 bytes) IMG_5725.JPG (196730 bytes)

OUTSTANDING construction technique!

IMG_5728.JPG (148659 bytes)

Clean no corrosion.

IMG_5731.JPG (167454 bytes) IMG_5732.JPG (172363 bytes) IMG_5733.JPG (185029 bytes) IMG_5730.JPG (135951 bytes)

3395KHz center. 

IMG_5738.JPG (129009 bytes)

This unit is to be sold by K3MJW Skyview Radio Society as a fund raiser.  Please contact this club with your interest.  


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