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This HEATHKIT SB-620 SCANALYZER  is in for K3MJW pre-sales check out.  It also is in excellent condition and works.  Initially there was no vertical deflection.  That was traced to a nonfunctional DC Filament rectifying bridge.  Four new 1N4007 diodes later and it sprang to life.  All Electrolytic caps tested low ESR and all tubes tested good on a Heathkit emissions tester.  There were two control shafts that were pulled out.  The control pots were removed and repaired. 

I cleaned the cabinet and front Bezel of some normal dirt.  I hooked it up to a signal generator to test basic functionality.  See the patterns below.  

IMG_5712.JPG (152292 bytes) IMG_5718.JPG (189221 bytes) IMG_5719.JPG (166823 bytes) IMG_5720.JPG (159525 bytes) IMG_5721.JPG (182665 bytes) IMG_5724.JPG (195206 bytes)
IMG_5697.JPG (124803 bytes)

It looks like the plastic shrunk.  5 min epoxy used for the repair.

IMG_5699.JPG (158031 bytes) IMG_5700.JPG (187687 bytes)

DC filament bridge for V1, V2 and V5.

IMG_5700.JPG (187687 bytes) IMG_5703.JPG (166482 bytes)

Clean, no corrosion. 

IMG_5715.JPG (105211 bytes)

3000 HZ AM modulation at IF center freq (option). 

IMG_5708.JPG (156382 bytes)

Optioned for 3390 KHz. 

IMG_5717.JPG (111548 bytes) IMG_5713.JPG (115043 bytes)

Random Sweep generator about 3390 KHz.

IMG_5701.JPG (212394 bytes)

OUTSTANDING construction technique!


This unit is to be sold by K3MJW Skyview Radio Society as a fund raiser.  Please contact this club with your interest. 

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