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For Brenda Ann

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IMG_5855.JPG (1457743 bytes)

Right side retainer snapped off.  Needs re-attachment. 

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IMG_5861.JPG (1487703 bytes)

AC power from leg

IMG_5862.JPG (1271723 bytes) IMG_5863.JPG (225208 bytes)AC power input on leg.  IMG_5864.JPG (1049387 bytes)

Antenna and ground connector on opposite rear leg. 

IMG_5865.JPG (1426490 bytes) IMG_5866.JPG (1565489 bytes)

New hindge.

IMG_5867.JPG (1362477 bytes)

Ugly but functional. 

IMG_5868.JPG (1416535 bytes)

I found a loose wire under the chassis at the point of this burn. You can see the wire fragment on the lower right of the chassis. 

IMG_5869.JPG (922182 bytes) IMG_5870.JPG (1338663 bytes) IMG_5871.JPG (2865919 bytes) IMG_5872.JPG (931962 bytes)
IMG_5873.JPG (971902 bytes) IMG_5874.JPG (909022 bytes)


IMG_5875.JPG (912467 bytes)

That is the outer "spaghetti". The wire insulation is in tact. 

IMG_5877.JPG (744007 bytes)

AC HV secondary. 

Dodgy power switch may need replaced.  IMG_5878.JPG (728627 bytes)

#80 filament. 

IMG_5879.JPG (768493 bytes)

Filament string, no tubes installed. 

IMG_5880.JPG (828851 bytes)

Field coil connection to ground.  Negative?!

IMG_5881.JPG (767224 bytes)

B+ on another tube. 

IMG_5882.JPG (766653 bytes)

22v ac ripple on B+ no tubes. There was absolutely no hum at the end of the DBT procedure (direct line power). 

IMG_5883.JPG (727071 bytes)

I find a DBT is more convenient than a Varriac and a meter compliment. 

Once populated with all tubes and increasing the DBT wattage I plugged it directly in to the mains.  It sounded great.  No hum.  No arching on the burned 80 socket.  
1.6MB wmv file of the radio operating.           

Disassembly of table for shipping. 

IMG_5953.jpg (213234 bytes)

All joints marked with a reference designator. 

IMG_5954.jpg (168931 bytes)

Fortunately there was no glue to contend with.  

IMG_5955.jpg (215515 bytes)

If there was glue it was not working. 

IMG_5956.jpg (2382730 bytes)

IMG_5957.jpg (2237877 bytes)

IMG_5958.jpg (2007583 bytes)

IMG_5959.jpg (2209928 bytes)

IMG_5960.jpg (1748134 bytes)

IMG_5961.jpg (1954356 bytes)

IMG_5962.jpg (1657370 bytes)

IMG_5963.jpg (2487871 bytes)

IMG_5964.jpg (2128057 bytes)

IMG_5965.jpg (2263658 bytes)

IMG_5966.jpg (2352860 bytes)

IMG_5967.jpg (2734894 bytes)

IMG_5968.jpg (2190121 bytes)

IMG_5969.jpg (2064063 bytes)

IMG_5970.jpg (2200351 bytes)

IMG_5971.jpg (2024425 bytes)

I have not weighed the wood.  

The table top is 33x32"

The packing slip from Greyhound is marked 45lbs total.  

IMG_5972.jpg (1800203 bytes)

This compacts to 33x32x12 inches with out clearance. 


The chassis is 39lbs, speaker 25lbs

IMG_5973.jpg (360065 bytes)

Chassis 24x11.5x6.5 inch

Speaker 12x12x8 inches.


The USPS  will not ship a package with the total package length of this table assembled. 

And the weight with chassis and speaker is prohibitive.  


IMG_5974.JPG (1802569 bytes)

Chassis and speaker.


IMG_6030.JPG (1863914 bytes)

Table legs

IMG_6031.JPG (2130973 bytes)

Table Top

IMG_6032.JPG (2087698 bytes)

Chassis and speaker.

IMG_6029.JPG (1082925 bytes)    


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