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This is a Verona model #20103 Export model.  That is Export into the USA.  It has two Electrostatic tweeters AM, SW and FM to 108MHz (European FM only goes up to 100MHz.  

This unit did not have a bottom or rear cover.  I cut an old Bottom cover salvaged from another radio.  I had to make a rear cover from thick cardboard.  It is not pretty but should keep a few fingers away from hot tubes and electrical circuits.  This rear cover is to be replaced by the owner once a replacement comes available.  

Here are some pictures.

IMG_5666.JPG (189519 bytes) IMG_5667.JPG (169753 bytes)

New functional rear panel.  

IMG_5664.JPG (197934 bytes)

Used bottom panel. 

IMG_5663.JPG (182184 bytes)

Missing front bezel screws. Replaced with new hardware.

IMG_5665.JPG (192752 bytes) IMG_5616.JPG (161537 bytes)

Unfortunately, cracking of this hard finish is common. 

IMG_5617.JPG (167654 bytes)

The finish must be sanded off to be removed.  This radio did not receive cabinet work.  

IMG_5612.JPG (1339761 bytes) IMG_5614.JPG (220912 bytes)

This circuit board was washed with denatured alcohol, contact cleaner and scrubbed with a tooth brush.

Normally the circuit board is not cleaned but too much dirt can cause shorts. 

IMG_5618.JPG (218630 bytes)

IMG_5619.JPG (192389 bytes)

Remove and store dial glass.

IMG_5620.JPG (221610 bytes)

Old -vs- new technology. 

IMG_5621.JPG (220947 bytes) IMG_5622.JPG (220212 bytes)
IMG_5623.JPG (165855 bytes) IMG_5624.JPG (175360 bytes) IMG_5625.JPG (221452 bytes)

Checking the FM tuner.  

IMG_5626.JPG (203340 bytes)

It all looks OK.  All ceramic caps and coated resistors are good.  

IMG_5627.JPG (192000 bytes)

It is more work to look at the FM tuner but it is my duty to insure all is well. 

The Tone control is stuck hard and will not move.IMG_5628.JPG (173986 bytes)

I tried to free it up with alcohol and contact cleaner. 

IMG_5630.JPG (182785 bytes)

It has to be removed and replaced. BUT there are no replacements. 

IMG_5631.JPG (176733 bytes)

Instead I carefully disassemble the potentiometer and repair them.  

IMG_5632.JPG (178668 bytes) IMG_5633.JPG (207925 bytes)

This one was full of hardened grease.

Each component of the pot is cleaned and inspected. IMG_5634.JPG (199126 bytes) IMG_5635.JPG (207822 bytes)

The repaired tone control works great.  The volume control was cleaned too. 

IMG_5637.JPG (151629 bytes)

A new tuning indicator tube is nice and bright. 

IMG_5651.JPG (225764 bytes)
IMG_5652.JPG (205880 bytes)

The FM dial cord needed replaced.  It would twist, pull the indicator away from the glass and tangle. 

IMG_5653.JPG (192986 bytes)

The FM control becomes a Bandwidth control when SW is selected.  

IMG_5655.JPG (177051 bytes)

The FM dial indicator should be set on "0" or the middle of the scale. 

IMG_5656.JPG (231732 bytes)

The electrostatic tweeters were silent.  

IMG_5659.JPG (242491 bytes)

The foam rubber is hard and turns to dust when touched.  

IMG_5657.JPG (230003 bytes)

I cut new foam rubber replacements on a hot wire saw. 

IMG_5662.JPG (223877 bytes)

Installed new foam, some new insulators


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