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This is an AM FM radio from 1956.  It has chassis (7T04?) with seven (7) tubes.  Remember when you were a kid, you would listen to this radio for winter school closings.  Or perhaps listening to FM on the front porch swing.  And do not forget those summer time baseball games.  Roberto Clemente, Bill Mazeroski and Bob Prince.   

This radio has been totally restored.  New power cord, Selenium diode abandoned in place for a 1N4007 silicon and an adjusted voltage dropping resistor, paper caps, electrolytic caps, two faulty Ceramic/mica caps and two tubes.  A full and complete electronic alignment. 

The cabinet was soaked in a TSP bath, scrubbed and polished on the bench grinder polishing wheel and brown compound.  A new reproduction bottom ID sticker was created and glued on.

I have to admit the radio looks factory fresh.  There is minor wear on the rear cover (no gouges), all retaining clips present and origonal clean knobs. 


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Buffed up!

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I just could not pull out the printing.  I will have to find a back picture from some where.

Eagle Cliff In

This radio was given to my by a B&B owner in Geneva on the Lake Ohio, the Eagle Cliff In.  My wife and I had a great time at the lake.  And I can not say enough good about the owners and staff.  They are very gregarious, accommodating and helpful.  Every evening, we, the owners and many other renters gathered on the port telling stories, swapping experience and all sorts of eclectic subject matter.  The main B&B is a great place for mature minded adults of all persuasions.  There cabins are great for families young and old.  See their web site at: http://www.beachclubbandb.com/.

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