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This is an AM Broadcast only Transoceanic style AC/DC portable.  I uses the same tube line up as the Transoceanic with out the Ballast tube.  The 1L6 is used in this chassis.  I tried the 1S5 with out luck.  The radio was dead.  When Pin 5 was lifted the radio received well under 1000 KHz.  Above that dial frequency it became increasingly full of "birdies",   At 1600 the radio only produced static.  So a good 1L6 is in this chassis.

When comparing the circuits for a TO and this radio one can see significant differences.  The least of which is the oscillator coil has less sections in this radio.  That is where the 1S5 incompatibility come in to play.  

This is a beautiful example of the Zenith portable AM radio of its time. 

IM000023.JPG (878902 bytes) Brasso, Novice 1, 2 & 3 polish and a Dremel cloth wheel with rouge brought out the original shine. IM000024.JPG (898214 bytes)   Treated exterior with cleaner and preservative.  New Power cord. IM000025.JPG (873745 bytes) The handle and knobs were cleaned and polished with Brasso.  Yep Brasso.  IM000026.JPG (943464 bytes) Rear. IM000027.JPG (902397 bytes)
IM000028.JPG (855426 bytes) Clean chassis. IM000029.JPG (802456 bytes)  The power switch in part of the door hinge.  When closed the power is off.   IM000021.JPG (1110445 bytes) Restored chassis.  IM000022.JPG (1008084 bytes) See the silicon diode and new white wire wound dropping resistor replacing the Selenium rectifier.  This unit was successfully tested on a Transoceanic replica battery.  


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