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This is a Brown T600 Transoceanic in clean condition.  This radio is in for restoration.  Dim bulb testing resulted in nothing but hum.  No reception on any band.  So we begin!


IM000227.JPG (325052 bytes)This is a great looking radio. Not much can be improved with its' appearance. IM000228.JPG (252807 bytes)This must be the best, cleanest condition of the log I have ever seen. IM000230.JPG (220959 bytes)  This is an excellent example of the yellow painted lettering. IM000231.JPG (952031 bytes)Nice and clean interior. IM000232.JPG (222945 bytes)The model number is clear and in good condition.  
IM000233.JPG (950097 bytes)First looks at the chassis.  Tubes are tested when removed from the chassis prior to cap replacement. There is a bad 1U4 and a weak 1L6.  We will try the 1L6 after component replacement.  IM000234.JPG (863233 bytes)Normal dust....Well perhaps less.  That 50A1 ballast is good.  I like to run a solid state version and keep the good tube in the box.  Makes no sense in literally burning a high failure tube. IM000235.JPG (1071511 bytes)Beautiful speaker.  It would be a shame to put a screw driver or soldering gun through that cone.   IM000236.JPG (974704 bytes) IM000237.JPG (961781 bytes) Clean!  One obvious disc cap with a crack.  Normal. 
IM000238.JPG (950306 bytes)Nice.   IM000239.JPG (899136 bytes)That is a CD case with gum (rubber) bands.  That will protect the cone. IM000240.JPG (700863 bytes) Cutting the electrolytic On Chassis.   IM000241.JPG (883170 bytes)Protect everything the saw and metal shavings may contact.  Once the unit was recapped and the resistors replaced the weak 1L6 would not oscillate.  It was replaced. 


Silver Mica Disease. The thunder storm in the radio.

That is when the EMF (voltage) across two mica capacitors (housed in the IF cans), on a common mica insulator, short together.  Removing the two capacitors and soldering on new ones of equivalent value is an easy fix.  Here is an alternative. 


IM000242.JPG (311723 bytes)Archive pic of 1st IF wires.  IM000243.JPG (752813 bytes)The radio plays great.  BUT there is the thunder storm sound.  Silver Mica disease in the first IF. IM000244.JPG (713665 bytes)I first try to repair the IF on chassis. But I had to remove it for bench repair. I marked one  fine wire from each coil and the associated solder lug with red and green Sharpies.   IM000245.JPG (771491 bytes)You can see the round insulator that is covering the capacitors.  IM000246.JPG (122178 bytes) A mica disk and with parallel silver plates applied.  Contacts touch the silver.   There are two caps (parallel plates) on this mica insulator.  One upper right and one lower left. 
IM000247.JPG (633033 bytes)I used some fingernail polish to establish the UP side and how it is placed on the contacts.   IM000248.JPG (864348 bytes) IM000249.JPG (833757 bytes)You can see something black on the upper cap.  That is normally silver migration.  Electrons break over that migration and cause the rushing sound of a thunder storm.  Unaffected by band or frequency.  IM000250.JPG (466832 bytes) Measure and record both cap values.  IM000251.JPG (431007 bytes)Both caps are the same value.  If I can not fix this mica, individual silver mica caps will be soldered on the under side  terminals, this mica will be discarded and the cap contacts cut off. 
IM000252.JPG (337173 bytes)A razor knife scrapes off the back contaminant. I have successfully done this to several IF caps.  At this time it looks like the electrolytic can cap has leaked and contaminated this capacitor.  There is a moisture looking stain on the chassis surrounding this IF leading to the can cap.  It dose not look like silver migration.  IM000253.JPG (136619 bytes)Burnish the capacitor contacting surfaces.  Do a complete job. IM000254.JPG (173447 bytes)Reassembled IF transformer.  See the little bits of insulation on the lead wires (bottom side).  I leave a tiny bit so I know what wire came from where.  And that is one fix for Silver Mica disease. Adjust the IF and the radio sounds great.  

RF alignment later in the week. 

This Transoceanic is going portable.  This pack was purchased from Bill Morris and looks FANTASTIC,

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