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This is the rotating antenna in the 40-190.  I believe this same antenna is used in other console models including the 40-180.  To be sure compare the specific schematics of other models against the 40-190. (Table Radio internal fixed antenna.)

The Short wave antenna (a simple loop of about 24 inches or less of wire suspended by stiff cardboard) is not shown here.  Images of it will be added later.  Message me if you need a picture sooner.  This loop is stapled to the top of the cabinet, above the chassis.

I will later add text descriptions to the pictures.

IM000172.JPG (25463 bytes) IM000174.JPG (148427 bytes)

That is a copper strip that runs the whole length of the antenna.  It is only connected to the black wire.

IM000175.JPG (165767 bytes) IM000176.JPG (56905 bytes)
IM000180.JPG (85748 bytes) IM000179.JPG (73328 bytes)

Insulator or padding at coil turn points.

IM000177.JPG (56207 bytes) IM000200.JPG (117773 bytes)

Re-establishing spacing.

I did not measure the wire gauge.  But it is enamel covered solid conductor about 22 to 24 or 26 GA magnetic wire if I had to guess.

This is essentially a one inch thick, 13.5 by 4.5 inch rectangle with a metal strip in close proximity. 

IM000181.JPG (182564 bytes)

13.5 inches tall coil.

IM000182.JPG (68161 bytes)

4.5 inches wide coil.

IM000184.JPG (27056 bytes)

1.0 inch thick (burn an inch) coil.

IM000178.JPG (92697 bytes)
IM000183.JPG (153658 bytes)

Overall dimension.

bullet40-190 ant.gif (72288 bytes)Windings, taps, capacitor and resistor.  See schematic for R/C values.
bulletOne of the black wires is soldered to the metal strip in the out side paper cover.


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