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This Zenith 6-S-222 is in for restoration.   This table top black dial radio is good condition.  The chassis will receive the complete restoration and the cabinet will receive attention too.  

All speaker coils, oscillator coils and transformers have been ohmed out and show good cold resistance.  The volume control seems good electrically.  It will need to have a key inserted through a chassis hole to keep it still.  Not using a chassis hole key is probably why the nut worked loose.

Here are some pictures.

IM000063.JPG (909368 bytes) This unit survived shipping being wrapped and insulated with paper.  No apparent damage is observed.  IM000065.JPG (951069 bytes) It was double boxed and insulated between boxes with paper.  Grill cloth may clean up a bit and should be usable.  IM000066.JPG (930621 bytes)I prefer generous wraps of big bubble, bubble wrap and thick cardboard shipping container.    IM000067.JPG (857342 bytes) I prefer four inches of space from the cabinet to the inside of the box.  IM000068.JPG (815643 bytes)the wraps of bubble wrap take up the space and provide insulation.  IM000069.JPG (907849 bytes)
IM000072.JPG (862479 bytes) IM000083.JPG (973540 bytes) IM000085.JPG (226875 bytes)Good. IM000087.JPG (886477 bytes)Some parts have been replaced over the years.  IM000088.JPG (863688 bytes)The volume control nut is loose.  This is a universal replacement control and may need replacing if the key does not hold. 
IM000089.JPG (856659 bytes)Tuning drive belt will be replace with custom cut belt material.  IM000090.JPG (232410 bytes)This pointer has been soldered to the shaft.   IM000091.JPG (258709 bytes)After de-soldering, this indicator may not be original or lost an insert.  More research to do.  The dial scale is in excellent condition.  IM000093.JPG (269178 bytes) Lamp shades will be replace or the bulbs will do to the dial scale what they did to the shades. 
im000094.jpg (1213586 bytes) im000095.jpg (1098788 bytes) im000096.jpg (1054771 bytes) im000097.jpg (242487 bytes) im000098.jpg (265184 bytes) im000099.jpg (261748 bytes)
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im000123.jpg (189784 bytes) im000124.jpg (174451 bytes) im000125.jpg (181957 bytes)
Finished Radio.  There is a minimum of eight (8) coats of clear lacquer on this original stain. 
IM000002.JPG (335143 bytes) IM000005.JPG (335230 bytes) IM000003.JPG (342604 bytes) IM000004.JPG (299953 bytes) IM000007.JPG (324563 bytes) IM000008.JPG (309966 bytes)
IM000006.JPG (167455 bytes) IM000009.JPG (70237 bytes) IM000011.JPG (64876 bytes)
IM000013.JPG (332173 bytes) IM000014.JPG (288330 bytes) IM000015.JPG (330083 bytes) IM000016.JPG (318850 bytes) IM000017.JPG (292123 bytes) IM000018.JPG (327322 bytes)



This is the restored cabinet.  The left and right side veneer developed separation and lifted from the base. 

The left side (facing front) veneer has been removed and replaced with new African Mahogany.  The Right side lifted area had wood glue injected under the veneer between the grain. I used a professional high strength water resistant glue. The new mahogany was stained, grain filled and toned to match the original hue.  Several coats of Minwax finishing past wax was applied.


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